One Property.
Two Incomes.

Building a Minor Dwelling on your property
can generate capital growth and an
additional 10%+ gross rental yield.

Turnkey Dwellings

Auckland’s Minor Dwelling Specialists

Building Auckland’s Minor Dwellings with clarity, simplicity & honesty.

 We’re committed to reducing stress and risk by streamlining the minor dwelling building process. We’re always transparent about pricing and provide a quality team who is here for you every step of the way. From concept and council approval through to construction and landscaping, we’ve got it covered.

Site Assessment.

Conceptual Design.

Quote. Contract.

Council Approvals.

Construction. Landscaping.

Inspection. Turnkey.

Designed to Work. Built to Last.

From weatherboard to brick, from gable to mono pitched roof, we offer a variety of options to create the right fit for your site. Chose from our standard options, or talk to us about customising.

Mayfair WS65-2.5

Regent BS65-2.5

Strand WM65-2.5

Why Develop a Turnkey Minor Dwelling?

Building a minor dwelling is quickly becoming one of the most popular and affordable property projects undertaken in Auckland.

Recognise your own backyard as an investment opportunity and capitalise on the land you own. Build another dwelling on the spare space to generate both capital growth and great gross rental yields.

  • Ongoing, high rental yields of 10%+
  • Positively geared investment
  • Capitalise on the space you already own
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Comparable rent on both properties
  • Long term investment

What’s Next.

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