Building Auckland’s Minor Dwellings with clarity, simplicity & honesty.

We’re a small team of investment property experts packing a lot of experience across various disciplines. Staying small keeps our hands dirty, our overheads lean, our turnarounds fast, and our clients happy.

We’re committed to reducing stress and risk by streamlining the building process, always being transparent about pricing and providing a quality team who is here for you every step of the way.

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Craig Murphy

Managing Partner / Project Manager

Like most people, Craig was excited then terrified after buying his first investment property. All of a sudden everyone was an armchair property expert, but those who talked the most didn’t even have any investments. It took him a lot of hard work with many trails and errors to figure out the right approach and build a successful property portfolio.

In Craig’s non-property life, his work has taken him around the world in corporate marketing and procurement roles. The experience gained in building processes, creating procedures and smart purchasing has been transferred back to how he now approaches property development.

Over the years Craig has developed, flipped, held and built several properties, including minor dwellings. He believes that with the right advise, everyone can be a successful property investor.

With many years of experience and property related courses Craig doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’. He now shows other interested people how to invest and make money, not mistakes.

Shaun Murphy

Building Project Manager

Shaun has been in the building game for over 20 years. After completing his building apprenticeship he moved his career overseas to Scotland, the USA and Australia.

When he returned home to NZ he started his own company Murphy Builders that now trades as Vista Homes.

Shaun has vast building experience and has performed work for a diverse range of developers and clients that has ranged from minor dwellings to multimillion-dollar homes.

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